About The Howard County (MD) State’s Attorney’s Office

I know this is not my usual post about programming or vintage cars, but this needs to be asked.

A person in Maryland sent over 200 messages in one hour, including threats to a Virginia family and a representative of the Maryland State's Attorney General's office told the husband to:

Stay off the Internet if you don’t want to be harassed.

These messages were not the only messages sent. While waiting in the car at the courthouse in Maryland, the wife believes she was stalked by a convicted violent felon by the name of Bret Kimberlin (AKA "The Speedway Bomber") and they told the husband:

If you’re so concerned for your safety, stay out of Maryland.

I sent an email asking the State Attorney General, Mr. Broccolino if these statements are his policy and the policy of Howard County, Maryland. I have yet to receive an answer.

Why isn't the law in Maryland protecting people from a convicted perjurer and violent felon under the state law of Maryland? Why won't Mr. Broccolino answer my questions? Why does a family have to move and go into hiding because those who represent the law won't protect them?


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