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I started programming in 1980 and since 1998 have been coding web sites and web applications in javascript, HTML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, CSS3, XML, XSLT, and JSON. I have created my own JavaScript frameworks and have used jQuery, Prototype, and others.

I have used over 29 different computer programming languages in my career, two of which I created. I hold prior art on patents Motorola, Microsoft, and Apple hold and have written interpreters, code generators, and content management systems for web sites. In 2003 I embraced Web Standards and started on the road to become a CSS expert.

I am a voracious reader and keep up with new web technologies, including performance techniques, responsive design, responsive images, object oriented JavaScript, form usability, video, and ADA usability issues.

I love my work and because of my passion for programming I have received ratings of exceeds expectations or above on my employee reviews. I’m looking forward to the next organization to serve and become an asset.


JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design , Web Applications, Lotus Script, C++, C,…


GlobeOne, Santa Monica, CA 4/2014-1/2015

Senior Programmer. Worked with marketing to develop a strategy and call to action for the corporate website. Created the corporate website using responsive design techniques, Bootstrap, native javascript, jQuery, and CSS3. Made sure that the website is ADA compliant and performs well on all platforms. Implemented 8 translations. After creating the new website our Google search results went from 2nd page to first result on the first page. I also created an administrative web application using Angularjs.

Readz, Woodland Hills, CA 2/2012-1/2014

Senior Programmer. Created the phone reader, the desktop reader, and rewrote the tablet reader for digital publishing. Updated and wrote many aspects of the publisher application. Wrote a JSONP module for standard javascript and jQuery that supports error handling and wrote an international formats javascript class to format dates and numbers in the format used by the user's country. Designed a phone variant of the reader and some Python back-end programming.

Recovering from a serious injury 4/2010-12/2011

Released for work.

Bank of America, CA / Countrywide Home Loans, Simi Valley, CA 11/1998 – 3/2010

Senior Programmer/R&D IV. Designed, created, coded and supported systems for the enterprise and programming toolkits for other programmers in the enterprise. The savings to Countrywide doesn’t include what Countrywide earned because of what the gateways, MTAs, portals and toolkits enabled other programmers to implement. I was brought in to the Notes group to help and teach them how to create web 2.0 applications. The last project I worked on for Bank of America had an annual savings of around $400,000.00.

Web Toolkit – A JavaScript framework for Domino web applications that include functions and methods that use JSON and AJAX to perform form validation and automatic widget addition based on field type, provide directory type ahead fields and popups, date and calendar dropdown, routines that add ADA compatibility, pick a directory, database or template file, picklist support, auto expanding text areas, tabbed interface, time parser field, a Web Session script library and various support agents.

Domino Web Kit – A Domino web database template that provided users with a content managed (CMS) site that met Countrywide’s design standards. The template allows users of all skill levels to create compliant web sites without the knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript or Domino. If a user could create an email message, they could create a web site. At one time there were over 200 Domino Web Kits at Countrywide, used for organization and department web sites and by programmers who embedded their applications in the web kit and used the web kit for navigation and look and feel.

CWInsider Web Portal – Data driven XML based web portal with personal customization and role based display of data. Included modules that supported a customized portal page with widgets, a custom web front end for Lotus Notes email, calendar, tasks, address book and Out of Office rules, Active Directory password change and home built reverse proxy. The product supported corporate and personal browsers and mobile devices from WAP phones to the iPhone. It was created in 2000 and discontinued when Bank of America purchased Countrywide in 2009. In the first four years of operation management said that CWInsider saved Countrywide over 30 million dollars.

Various Gateways and Lotus Notes Add-Ins – MSMQ and MQSERIES gateways to Lotus Notes and three SMS and Pager (SkyTel 1-Way, SkyTel 2-Way and TAP) gateways The gateways were able to dynamically change their configuration when configuration profiles where changed and do not require a restart to refresh their configuration. The pager gateways were created in 1998 and 1999 and ran reliably until they were discontinued in 2009. The first year use, they saved Countrywide around $1,000,000.00 then around $500,000.00 each year thereafter.

Peloria Technology Corporation, Burbank, CA 4/1994 – 10/1998

Chief Developer/Architect. Designed, coded and supported enterprise message management and connectivity products for use at over 500 government and corporate accounts including: Motorola, US Postal Service, IBM, Sony, NASA, FAA and Warner Brothers. Co-wrote all user manuals for each product sold and developed the corporate web site.

Mail Scout for Lotus Notes and cc:Mail – A server based rules server for email that filters and manages a user's inbox. I invented a language for email that allows creation of scripts that filter and manipulate email in a user's inbox. Once the language was created, I wrote an interpreter and pseudo compiler and created an object oriented data store that allows storage of containers that include variable length information. The client program used query by example forms to create rules for managing the user’s inbox. When I left Peloria there was a licensed user base of over 560,000 users.

Grand Central Pager Servers for SkyTel and TAP – Three pager gateways that allow users to send an email to a pager. In the case of SkyTel 2-Way to allow the pager user to reply to email messages sent to the pager. The SkyTel pager gateways sent messages via a socket server at SkyTel. If the IP connection fails it has the ability to fallback to a modem connection. The TAP pager gatway uses the Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) via a modem connection to a Paging Terminal to send e-mail messages to user's alphanumeric pagers.

Security Pacific Automation Company/Bank America, Los Angeles, CA 4/1989 - 3/1994

Assistant Vice President. Global Systems Development Division: Supported a Letters of Credit and Collections system called IBSnet (a money transfer system). I did analysis, design and programming of PC to mainframe real time accounting and S.W.I.F.T. interfaces. Setup and maintained multiple PC networks using Novell's Netware.

NDS, Sylmar, CA 4/1983 - 3/1989

Owner/Consultant. Xerox Medical Systems, Pasadena: Setup and maintained multiple PC networks using Novell's Netware. I performed analysis, design, and programming of multi-user C and FoxBase+ on-line data entry and reporting systems for Customer Administration, Financial Planning and Administration, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Technical Service. I developed a database server for TurboDos. I wrote proposals for SDLC gateways and other communication and connectivity needs. I worked closely with users and management to determine their application needs.

Air Force and Navy: Wrote FoxBase+ programs for on-line data entry and reporting of various paper tracking systems.

Medical Trust insurance firm, Encino: Wrote and designed multi-user dBASEII programs for on-line data entry, reporting, and billing. Developed multi-user dBASEII hooks for the TeleVideo mmMost operating system.

Various Software Vendors: Performed Beta-Test activities of Network based software products.

Mark Nine Consulting Group, Burbank, CA 9/1982 - 4/1983

Wrote COBOL programs for on-line data entry and analysis of product performance using the Sigma Nine computer. I worked closely with the users to determine their application needs.

Kramer-Wilson Corp., North Hollywood, CA 3/1981 - 9/1982

Programmer. Auto Insurance firm for loan banks and savings and loan firms. I wrote applications for on-line follow up of loan insurance, receivables, and financial reporting. I Used COBOL, FORTRAN, and the Image database languages.

Control Data Institute, Los Angeles, CA 9/1980 - 2/1981

Library Aid. Assist students in book and reference manual library, also ran attendance programs. Studied COBOL, RPG, IBM Assembler Language, and FORTRAN. Operated CDC CYBER18 computer.


Control Data Institute, Los Angeles, CA: Graduate of Computer Programming.
L.I.F.E. Bible College, Los Angeles, CA: Minor in Greek and Hebrew.
Academy of Automobile Design, Los Angeles, Automobile styling.



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