Windows are in!

The termite damage has been repaired, all the windows have been replaced and work continues. The doors come next.



Gravatar Image1. Posted at 7/22/2005 2:56:17 PM by Michael Sampson

Hey Tanny ... great to see some progress on the house, and great to see you back with a blog post.

Gravatar Image2. Posted at 7/25/2005 6:03:50 PM by Tanny O'Haley

Hi Michael,

I've been busy with life and it didn't help that I had pneumonia. I'm way behind on blogging and still have an article to do on multi-cascading menus using CSS.

Gravatar Image3. Posted at 8/16/2005 7:35:53 AM by dale johnson

They have termites in LA? I thought it was the perfect place to live :) Nice to see the house coming along!

Gravatar Image4. Posted at 10/24/2005 5:17:58 PM by tanny

hello ! je suis francophone et je m'appelle également TANNY !!!


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