Oops, David Allen’s Blog

Last night I was talking with my good friend and brother in the Lord, Eric Mack. He liked what I had done for both his and this site and wondered if I could do a proof of concept for one of his clients, David Allen. After working into the night with a lot of testing, Eric and I had a prototype up and running. I added comments to the template, and a lot of CSS to control the content management portion of the Blog. I'm very happy with the result. Well, as always there are a few more things that could be done, but over all I'm pretty happy with the site.

Eric and I tested all the links, one of which is a link to Buzz Bruggeman's Blog. Buzz looked at his Blog's referer log and discovered the URL to the Blog we were working on for David Allen. Buzz made a post, Robert Scoble made a post, and now the David Allen Blog is live! The last time I looked, in a few short hours there had been 1038 hits!

If you have a Domino environment, I really suggest that you use Steve Castledine's DominoBlog database template. It is very easy to use and allows the developer a lot of latitude in creating the look and feel of your blog.


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