It’s Sky a Redesign

Welcome to Sky, a design I've been working on and off on since May 2013. I was let go last week because of cost cutting from my job and decided that I needed to get serious about completing the design since I view my web site as my business card. I'm using the original sky graphic from the first version of my web site, artifacts and all as a tribute to my original design.

After looking at Jeffrey Zeldman's efforts on his design where he went to a single column, I thought I'd try that too. In my case though the font size and width increase for large monitors, tablets, and phones. That's if the media queries work correctly. Since the design is single column I decided not to do a specific design for mobile devices, other than increasing the font size. That means that there isn't a meta element for mobile. We'll see how that works out. I also decided to not do a print style sheet for the first time since 2003. I hope the website is readable and easy to use with a unified experience on all devices.


One of the items I struggled with was search, since I believe search is important for a website. I didn't want a large search field in the header. In this case I'm using the focus pseudo class to expand the search field. Otherwise the search field looks like a flat button.

When creating a comment you now have the ability to use strike through and block quotes in addition to bold, italic, and create a URL.

I have a couple of javascript articles in the queue and hope to publish them soon.

Thought I’d try out Hyphens

On 27 Nov 2012 what should appear in Google Reader but a post called Hyphenation works! by PPK. I'm trying a little experiment here in that I set text-align: justify and turned on hyphenation. It's pretty easy, you tell the browser which language to use with a lang attribute. I'm declaring the language on the html element.

<html lang="en">

Next you add the CSS.

text-align: justify; /* optional */
-webkit-hyphens: auto;
-moz-hyphens: auto;
-ms-hyphens: auto;
-o-hyphens: auto;
hyphens: auto;

I believe hyphenation makes justified text work on the web. Tell me what you think.

Update: After seeing that Chrome does not support hyphenation, I removed text-align: justify so that text is easier to read in Chrome. At least until Chrome supports hyphenation.

It’s Ocean a Redesign

Welcome to Ocean, a design I've been working on for about a month. I started out by going to Layout Gala for the structure. I chose a design with two columns on the right and a content column on the left.


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I’ve Gone Pink for October 2006

I know it's a couple of days early to go Pink for October, but I don't have time to convert this weekend. Please take the time to donate to a breast cancer organization of your choice.

Thank you


Pink for October 2006

My grandma Ethel contracted breast cancer in the 1970's. She decided that she wanted to use natural healing methods to cure the cancer and went to Mexico to get Laitril treatments. When she finally came home it was too late because the cancer had spread throughout her body. I visited her three weeks before she died. She faded in and out of consciousness while I talked with her. The problem is that she could have lived longer if she had surgery instead of going to Mexico.

With that in mind, I'm taking Natalie Jost's encouragement to go Pink for October. In October this site will be very pink. I decided that I wanted to retain the current theme, but change the color to pink.

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Power Outage

Sorry for the site not being available today. The power company took down the power all day. The servers were unavailable after they ran for an hour and a half on standby power and shut down.