Picture of my fiance and I when we went to see my Mom in January 2004.

I took my fiance to see my Mom. She lives in Oakhurst which was beautiful. There was snow, the air was clear and we had a good time. In the picture my Mom took I think I look like a racoon. Jane looks great! She actually likes my crazy family a lot.

This is the second marriage for both of us. Jane is a widow and I was divorced June 1996. We both have children and we are learning how to blend our two families together. Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family has said that only one in five blended families succeed. I hope we succeed. We have already taken pre-married's class at the church we both go to and are in counseling with a pastor who is familiar with blended family issues. I really want our marriage to succeed.

It took me a long time to discover Jane. I have been careful and thoughtful in the process of choosing a mate for life. I have not been swayed by passion (maybe just a little bit) or just a desire to be married. This may seem cold but I don't want to experience the failure and pain of divorce a second time. It wasn't good for me and it wouldn't be good for Jane. If you are planning to get married, I heartily recommend taking pre-married's classes as they are very helpful and will help you to preserve your marriage.

January 3, 2004