XMLHttpRequest Permission Denied Error

Update: I'm now using xmlDocument instead of the div since the div does not support XSL transforms. You can find the new code with sample usage at the end at xmlreq.js

When I upgraded Firefox (I don't remember which version), the call I was using to XMLHttpRequest stopped working. I would get a "Permission denied to call method XMLDocument.getElementsByTagName" error when accessing the XML document. Yet, it worked in IE. The problem might be that I'm using a synchronous call instead of an asynchronous call. I have to use a syncronous call because the call is made from the onsubmit event handler. I have to wait for an answser so that I can continue checking the form or return a false to stop the submit. Or maybe it's that the javascript file is in a different directory. All I know is that is stopped working.

A few days ago I looked at the problem. I don't remember where I got the code I had modified to use a synchronous call. Here is the code I was using.

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