WebSession Agent Class

Back in August 2007, Jake Howlett introduced a Web Session class for Domino Agents. I liked it a lot and saw the potential for reducing the amount of time to create web query open, web query save and web agents. I write a lot of web agents and often need to get query string, cookie and even form data. These items were missing from Jake's Web Session class. Also, the Web Session class required the programmer to instantiate the class when you wanted to use it. I thought that if you include the class in your agent you will want to use it. With that in mind, the Initialize function in the script library now instantiates a global web variable. I've added methods to get query string, cookie and form data items. With the advice of a co-worker I also protected the class variables by making them private and adding get methods for each variable. The only variables that I couldn't do this with were the lists that store query, cookie and form data information.

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