Yogi’s Temptation

A couple of Friday's ago (5 Dec 2008), Jane and I left the gate open. Now usually Yogi doesn't go out the gate, but it had been left open too long and Yogi ran away. A nice couple about two miles from our house called me on Thursday and they had Yogi. It was a miracle! Until today, we hadn't heard from Yogi what happened. Here's the letter (he's a very smart dog) he wrote about his experience.

Dear Tanny and Jane,

I'm sorry I ran away last week. Sometimes we just get crazeeee notions in our heads I guess. I don't know what got into me. I just saw that opened gate and temptation overcame me and I ran. Let me tell you it was scary out there. After a couple of blocks I didn't know where I was or where I was going. I did know one thing, I had made a huge mistake. It was very cold, I was hungry with no food and cars were whizzing by so fast as I crossed three major thoroughfares, trembling with fear. It's a Christmas miracle that I didn't end up on the side of the road somewhere, injured or even worse!

I realize now, like never before, how fortunate and blessed we all are to have our wonderful warm homes, filled with family who love us so much, comfy beds, good food and each other.

Glad to be home.




Our Front Porch

Eating breakfast this morning, Jane and I thought we'd take a picture of the front porch as viewed from the kitchen through the dining room. Listening to Christmas music and enjoying each other's company. May you have peace this month and enjoy your Christmas time.


Disneyland Celebrates Patrick’s Christmas

We just wanted to do something extra special for Patrick this year.


Charles Joseph is Born

Emerson and Anna are the proud parents of a baby boy, Charles Joseph. Born December 11, 2008, 22 inches long, six pounds and seven ounces. Congratulations Emerson and Anna.