How to help a PDA phone owner when they have a case of butter fingers.

I received a Treo 650 as soon as it was made available. The only problem I've had besides the low volume for headsets is that I have dropped the phone at least four or five times a week. My good friend, Eric Mack, sent me a FlexiSkin by Boxwave. Since I have received the skin I have yet to drop my phone. The only problem I've had with the skin is that is sometimes difficult to press the "P" key. I highly recommend having a case but didn't want a bulky case so I went for a skin.

We have the start of a plan

Our architect, John Hekhuis, has brought us a few sketchs. Here is the exterior.


The floor plan.


And finally the room attached to the garage.


Sorry I didn't have a scanner available, so I snapped the images with my digital camera.

This blog has been hijacked for a good cause

Please join me in wishing Tanny well!


Update: My good friend and brother in the Lord, Eric Mack hijacked my blog! Thank you Eric.

I must thank my wonderful wife for the love, affection, and generosity that she gives me. I love you Jane!

The Renters are Out, Kind of.

After my wife and I got married last August, we decided to move into a rental property that we owned. It has been rented for at least 15 years, the last ten years to the tenants who just left. They are out of the house but still have property in the garage and back yard and we hope that it'll be gone soon.

We have now started the process of remodeling. The architect and contractor have been to the house, a design is being worked on and we should start pretty soon. As you can see the front of the house has a lot of foliage in front of it, so much that you can't even see the front of the house from the street.

Front of home before remodel.

I took this picture from the front yard moving back as far as I could, it's pretty overgrown.

Entry to home

There's a lot of work to be done. The house is going to be gutted, doors are going to be moved, wood floors are going to be put in, and lot and lots of paint. The adventure begins and we hope to move in by mid-July 2005.