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If you attend First Lutheran Elementary School and need a map of South America for your Social Studies Physical map assignment.You can find it at:

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I like answer "C" for the reasons stated so eloquently by sgd in comment 25. What do you think?

A word you don’t want to hear.

A few weeks ago I went to the doctor to look at my ear. There had been a sore the size of a small freckle on the back of my ear. The reason I went is because it had been there for over three months. At first the doctor wasn't going to send me to see a Dermatologist, but I insisted because it had been there three months. When I went to the Dermatologist, he took a punch biopsy. It seemed more like a core sample to me. Last week the results came in and it was skin cancer. The doctor said it is 100% curable and the best type of skin cancer to get. They are sending me to a plastic surgeon so that the ear can be rebuilt to look normal. I'm glad my ear will look normal, but I'm still a little nervous.

How I got my name

My mom is an artist and as she tells the story, she was painting a picture of a boat and there was a long shoreman working on the boat who they called Tanny. She liked the name so much that when I came along two years later she named me Tanny. As a child I did not like Tanny and would have much rather prefered to be called something like John or Bob. My mother also did not give me a middle name so I did not have another name to fall back on. I like my name as an adult. When I was in college class at church the pastor of that class said that my name meant treasure beyond price which is cool. :-) So either I'm precious or I have a sunken chest.

What We Can’t Not Know

I have been reading What We Can't Not Know by J. Budziszewski. It's a hard read for me. It is not like most books I read where I start to read and continue read until I get to the end, usually in one day. This book makes me think. One tidbit that I've read today is about our deep conscience which causes us to recognize that we are designed.

The mere recognition of design does three things for our moral knowledge. First, it vindicates deep conscience. If synderesis is designed as a witness to moral truth by a God who knows what He is doing, then its witness to this truth is reliable. Second, it confirms that we have duties not only to neighbor but to God Himself, to whom we owe the very possibility of the experience of anything good. Third, it informs us that just as deep conscience is designed, so the rest of us is designed; we are a canvass for His purposes.

Its comforting to know that I have a purpose

May I invite you to come to church?

Learn why there had to be a Passion.

Easter Invitation

The Church on the Way

How I came to the Lord

It was December 18, 1974. I was 18 and lived in a small cottage in Ventura, California. This may seem to be an odd way to start the story, but I was in bed with my girlfriend. I told her about a dream I had the previous year where a cartoon bull was killing everyone of my friends who were also cartoons in a type of Roman coliseum. It really frightened me. She that said that she had a dream about the end of the world. I asked her about it but she didn't give me much information, so I thought the thing to do would be to hug her.

At that moment in the corner there appeared a round object about three feet in diameter that was parchment colored with a black fuzzy border and a red mist covered the room. I felt fear and she sat up and started to pray in the name of Jesus (she was a back-slidden Christian). The apparition disappeared but the fear stayed. We drove to Oxnard where she knew of an Episcopalian church that kept its doors open as it was around 11:00 PM. I felt like I was looking through my body and my eyes grated as if there was sand in them.

When we got to the church, she prayed and started to read a prayer book. I didn't know what to do, so I kneeled and ask God what to do. I had a compulsion to look up and on the cross there was a shadow of the figure of Jesus, but not a shadow, but the purest, brightest, whitest light I had ever seen. I then felt I should go and touch the cross. I went up and on my toes touched the bottom of the cross. Instantly I felt as if someone had put a sponge down my throat and washed me clean. I felt whole, my eyes were clear and I did not feel fear. At that point I got back down on my knees and told God that whatever he had for me, that's what I wanted.

BTW, I've never done drugs and I never went to that Episcopalian church. After accepting the Lord Jesus as my Savior, I began attending the First Baptist Church of Oxnard.

Though I didn't know it, I needed and received a Savior. My life changed and so can yours.