2010 Old Country Tour

CIMG0000tb.jpg A 100 mile scenic tour along some of the old roads of northern Los Angeles county. Steve, Gene, Mark, Luke (Mark's son), Doug and myself showed up. Gene brought his Spitfire with a GT6 roof. It's a very interesting car though it still has some teething problems. It dropped its muffler on the way over and Gene said that there was a vibration he though might be a u-joint. Because Gene couldn't trust his car, Gene left us and went back home.

It was a different run than the Santa Monica Mountain runs in that the turns were less twisty. It was the fastest as far as speed that I've been on. There were some wildflowers and the hills were green. We went past a place called Close Encounters Recreation Center. I don't know if it had to do with UFOs or something else, but this is a family site. There were a lot of interesting small stores on the way and a street called Wayuptop. It is a very nice run and I recommend it the next time it's planned.

  1. Meet at Newhall Avenue and Highway 14 in the parking area to the west of the highway.
  2. Head WEST on Newhall Ave toward Sierra Hwy.
  3. Turn RIGHT at Placertia Canyon Road for 5.1 miles (to end of road).
  4. Turn LEFT at Sand Canyon Road for 3.3 miles.
  5. Turn Right at Soledad Canyon Road for 15.6 miles.
  6. Turn LEFT at Crown Valley Road (at stop sign) for 0.4 miles.
  7. Turn LEFT at Syracuse Ave (no stop sign, easy to miss) for 0.1 miles.
  8. BECOMES Escondido Canyon road, continue for 2.7 miles.
  9. Turn RIGHT at Ward Road for 0.1 miles. Note: Ward Road is very easy to miss. Look for the freeway overpass on the right. That's Ward Road! If you cross over the freeway while still on Escondido Road, you've gone a couple miles too far.
  10. Cross freeway then turn LEFT at the stop sign to stay on Ward Rd. Continue for 0.2 miles.
  11. MERGES with Sierra Hwy. Continue for 14.1 miles.
  12. Turn RIGHT at Vasquez Canyon Road (at traffic signal) for 3.6 miles (to end of road).
  13. Turn RIGHT at Bouquet Canyon Road for 18.0 miles (to end of road).
  14. Turn LEFT at Elizabeth Lake Road for 1.1 miles.
  15. Rest stop at Rancher's market (on right at 90th Street).
  16. Continue on Lake Elizabeth Road for 6.3 miles.
  17. Turn LEFT to stay on Elizabeth Lake Road for 4.6 miles.
  18. Turn LEFT at Lake Hughes Road (no stop sign, watch for it) for 23.2 miles.
  19. End of run at Castaic Road.

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