Live Comment Preview Added

I've been to a few sites lately that have live comment preview and found that it helped me write better comments. These implementations use a textarea element to input your comment and displayed an HTML comment below the textarea element. Not as nice as a full WYSIWYG editor, but much lighter in weight and easier to implement in a wide variety of browsers. With that in mind I thought that it would be a good idea to implement live comment preview on my site.

The first thing I did is determined what DominoBlog, my blogging system does with a comment. I found out that it converts < symbols to &lt;, > symbols to &gt;, [b] into <b>, [/b] to </b>, [i] to <i>, [/i] to </i> and anything that starts with http:// to { Link } with the word link an href to the URL. When parsing the URL, DominoBlog looks for a space character or the end of the line to determine the end of the URL. Each line is turned into a paragraph.

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