I’ve Gone Pink for October 2006

I know it's a couple of days early to go Pink for October, but I don't have time to convert this weekend. Please take the time to donate to a breast cancer organization of your choice.

Thank you


Time Parser/Dropdown Combo

Update 18 Apr 2007 - Added Radix parameter to each instance of parseInt() pre John's comment.

Here it is, all 468 lines of code to create a dropdown list time parser combo box for the web. I don't have much time to document, so here's what you need to use it.

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Pink for October 2006

My grandma Ethel contracted breast cancer in the 1970's. She decided that she wanted to use natural healing methods to cure the cancer and went to Mexico to get Laitril treatments. When she finally came home it was too late because the cancer had spread throughout her body. I visited her three weeks before she died. She faded in and out of consciousness while I talked with her. The problem is that she could have lived longer if she had surgery instead of going to Mexico.

With that in mind, I'm taking Natalie Jost's encouragement to go Pink for October. In October this site will be very pink. I decided that I wanted to retain the current theme, but change the color to pink.

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What would you do?

Last week two journalists, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig, were forced at gunpoint to convert to Islam. I was thinking about this today and wondered, "if I were in the same situation, what would I do?"

Several years ago I had an experience with an ex co-worker. He said:

Jews are pigs and monkeys and drink the blood of Muslim children. America deserves what it gets because it sticks its nose in everyone's business.

My ex co-worker is a Shiite Muslim from India. He was primarily raised in England and New York City and is an educated young man. I believe both his parents are doctors and he has a college degree. He is well liked. Despite the heinousness of what he said, I said nothing.

If I was in the same situation as Centani and Wiig, would I do as Peter (John 18:15-27) and deny Christ or would I do as Stephan (Acts 7:54-60)?

What would you do?