2009 Vintage Motoring Independence Run

Gene's MG TC At 8:00 am we met at the Malibu Colony Plaza, 23841 Malibu Rd, Malibu, CA 90265. After about an hour and a half of looking at cars and talking to each other we left. The run was a lot of fun. Deer Creek is a gem of a road. The driving was brisk and the scenery was gorgeous.

Follow along if you want to take the tour.

  1. Exit the Plaza through the rear exit turning left onto Malibu Road for 0.1 miles.
  2. Turn left on Webb Way for 0.1 miles.
  3. Turn left on PCH (North) for 16.6 miles.
  4. Turn right on Deer Creek Road for 6.1 miles (becomes Pacific View Road, then Cotharin Road).
  5. Turn left on Yerba Buena Road (at ‘T’) for 7.6 miles (becomes Little Sycamore Canyon Road).
  6. Turn left on Mulholland Highway (at ‘T’) for 0.4 miles.
  7. Turn left on Decker Road (at ‘T’) for 1.9 miles.
  8. Turn right on Mulholland Highway for 2.4 miles.
  9. Turn left on Mulholland Highway / Encinal Canyon Road for 17.3 miles.
  10. Gather at overlook 0.75 miles past Kanan Road.
  11. Turn right on Old Topanga Canyon Road for 5.6 miles.
  12. Turn right on Topanga Canyon Road (at ‘T’) for 0.5 miles.
  13. Turn right on Fernwood Pacific Drive for 2.7 miles.
  14. Turn right on Saddle Peak Road for 3.2 miles.
  15. Gather at top of Saddle Peak.
  16. Continue onto Schueren Road (left at ‘Y’ toward ocean) for 1.8 miles *** CAUTION: HUGE BUMP NEAR TOP ***.
  17. Turn right on Piuma Road for 6.4 miles.
  18. Turn left on Malibu Canyon Road for 4.6 miles.
  19. Turn left on Pacific Coast Highway for 0.7 miles.
  20. Arrive at Malibu Colony Plaza – end of run!.


Here we are at the top of Saddle Peak.

Top of Saddle Peak in the front.

There were a few more cars.

A few more cars at the top of Saddle Peak.

Jane didn't come with me on this run, something about a “semi-grueling 78-mile run through a variety of canyon roads, ranging from moderately twisty to vomit-inducing” didn't appeal to her.

Other Links

May 2009 Saddlerock Ranch Drive and Tour

On May 16, 2009, the Southern California MG Club met at the McDonalds on Las Virgenes Rd in Calabasas, CA. Jimmy Nylund planned a nice tour for us to take in the Santa Monica Mountains. We spent a lot of time on Mulholland Highway as well as a short run on the Pacific Coast Highway. Jimmy took time to stop so that everyone could catch up.

We ended up at Malibu Wines for wine tasting and a picnic. Jimmy and Annette were gracious hosts. They not only put on a nice tour, but we also got to see Mr. Semler's antique car, horse drawn carriage and vintage Airstream trailer collections. When one of the MGBs sprang a leak in its oil gauge line, Jimmy made a temporary fix and later at his an Annette's home, replaced the oil gauge line with one of his own.

Follow along if you want to take the tour.

  1. Head south on Las Virgenes Rd toward Agoura Rd, go 3.0 mi.
  2. Turn right at Mulholland Hwy, go 9.7 mi.
  3. Continue on Encinal Canyon Rd, go 3.4 mi.
  4. Turn left to stay on Encinal Canyon Rd, go 5.0 mi.
  5. Turn right at CA-1/Pacific Coast Hwy, go 2.9 mi.
  6. Just past Leo Carrillo State Beach turn right on Mulholland Hwy toward Yellow Hill Rd, go 11.7 mi.
  7. Turn right to stay on Mulholland Hwy, go 49 ft.
  8. Turn left to stay on Mulholland Hwy.
  9. The wine tasting is on the right at
    Malibu Wines
    31800 Mulholland Hwy
    Malibu, CA 90265


All in all, my wife Jane and I had a very nice Saturday morning with the Southern California MG Club.

Disneyland Celebrates Patrick’s Christmas

We just wanted to do something extra special for Patrick this year.


Our Front Porch

Eating breakfast this morning, Jane and I thought we'd take a picture of the front porch as viewed from the kitchen through the dining room. Listening to Christmas music and enjoying each other's company. May you have peace this month and enjoy your Christmas time.


Yogi’s Temptation

A couple of Friday's ago (5 Dec 2008), Jane and I left the gate open. Now usually Yogi doesn't go out the gate, but it had been left open too long and Yogi ran away. A nice couple about two miles from our house called me on Thursday and they had Yogi. It was a miracle! Until today, we hadn't heard from Yogi what happened. Here's the letter (he's a very smart dog) he wrote about his experience.

Dear Tanny and Jane,

I'm sorry I ran away last week. Sometimes we just get crazeeee notions in our heads I guess. I don't know what got into me. I just saw that opened gate and temptation overcame me and I ran. Let me tell you it was scary out there. After a couple of blocks I didn't know where I was or where I was going. I did know one thing, I had made a huge mistake. It was very cold, I was hungry with no food and cars were whizzing by so fast as I crossed three major thoroughfares, trembling with fear. It's a Christmas miracle that I didn't end up on the side of the road somewhere, injured or even worse!

I realize now, like never before, how fortunate and blessed we all are to have our wonderful warm homes, filled with family who love us so much, comfy beds, good food and each other.

Glad to be home.