A word you don’t want to hear.

A few weeks ago I went to the doctor to look at my ear. There had been a sore the size of a small freckle on the back of my ear. The reason I went is because it had been there for over three months. At first the doctor wasn't going to send me to see a Dermatologist, but I insisted because it had been there three months. When I went to the Dermatologist, he took a punch biopsy. It seemed more like a core sample to me. Last week the results came in and it was skin cancer. The doctor said it is 100% curable and the best type of skin cancer to get. They are sending me to a plastic surgeon so that the ear can be rebuilt to look normal. I'm glad my ear will look normal, but I'm still a little nervous.


Gravatar Image1. Posted at 04/20/2004 15:30:26 by Joyce

Hey Tanny, overall good news.

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