About Tanny O’Haley

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I'm married to a wonderful woman by the name of Jane. I have three children from a previous marriage and Jane has two. We are growing in love more each week. I have prior-art on a patents that Motorola, Microsoft, and Apple hold. I've invented two computer languages and two scripting languages for pagers and email that are no longer used.

I've been programming since 1980.

In the Summer of 1979 I went with Ed and Ivy Stanton, the national youth directors for Foursquare, helping them with presentations at camps. I weighed about 128 pounds, had a 28 inch waist and had hair on my head. I'm the guy on the right in the white shirt.


I'll think of more to say later and as I write more blogs on my life, I'll add references to them on this page.