Drawing Cars in my Youth

I graduated high school a year early in 1973. Because of a mix up with my classes they didn't send me my diploma until August 1973. After graduating high school I went to the Academy of Automobile Design in Los Angeles. I went there a year and after Detroit laid off about 70 percent of the Automobile Stylists, I thought that maybe I should pursue a different career. I sometimes wish that I had stayed with it and graduated as an Automobile designer. When going through junk today that has been in the garage since I moved to our home in October 2005, I found a design I drew, I believe in 1974 when I was 18. I thought it had been lost many years ago.

Auto design from 1974 by Tanny O'Haley

I based it off the front wheel drive of the Saab Sonnet III. Looking at it now, I think I should have moved the windshield just behind the front wheel and given the mid section a little bit more length. After all these years, I still like it.


Gravatar Image1. Posted at 11/15/2009 13:23:36 by Patrick

It's a really cool design Dad. Maybe you should try some now.

Gravatar Image2. Posted at 12/22/2009 7:23:01 by Web Hosting

I am kind of a car fanatic myself.

Gravatar Image3. Posted at 02/03/2010 5:40:18 by Louis Rocky

Nice design you made. Actually I am interested to know which year you have designed this car? Its really happy to see old model cars in this generation. Cause everything changed in the name of technology.

Keep up your good post.

Gravatar Image4. Posted at 07/01/2010 18:58:54 by Eric Mack

Wow. Looks like a Ford Pinto with styling!


Gravatar Image5. Posted at 07/22/2010 4:05:42 by ica

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