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I have been helping my good friend Eric Mack with his blog over the last few days. Like my blog, Eric's blog uses the ProjectDX Domino database created by Steve Castledine and used by Ed Brill.

Unlike the design used on this blog, which is elastic based on the text size (IE users can change the text size by selecting the menu item View, then Text size), Eric's blog is based on a fixed design. An elastic design helps the designer keep an optimum line length for easier reading and better comprehension.

We actually did the design last year and it was one of the first Web Standards designs that I helped create. At first we got it working with IE (which I no longer do, I try Mozilla Firefox first, then make it work in IE), then we have attempted to make it work across other browsers. Safari is still problematic and I don't even want to test it in IE Mac which has so many float bugs its almost impossible to create a good Web Standards/CSS design. It seems to work pretty good in IE 5.01, 5.5, 6.0 and Mozilla.

Eric and I also worked on a print style sheet. If you look at this blog in Print Preview you will see that the navigation on the side and bottom are gone and the two background images used on the page are also gone. However even though I've turned off letter-spacing, IE still carries it over from the screen style sheet to the print style sheet. :( We were running out of time when I decided to create a print style sheet for Eric and I really should have done it as a standalone style sheet like I did with my blog. It really does work better this way. As it is the main style sheet works with all media and the print style sheet tries to turn things off.

I'm pretty happy with the design and more importantly Eric likes it too.


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