I Finally Took a Vacation in 2008

Last month my family and I took a vacation. We visited my wife's sister and brother in law. My son picked us up from the Atlanta airport and with my Garmin GPS for directions, we drove to our sister and brother in law's new house in Alabama. As we came up the driveway we glimpsed their new home.


The house is big, much bigger than they thought it would be from looking at the plans. It is a beautiful home and they are gracious hosts. They live on a small hill right next to the lake.


Climbing up those stairs, the small hill and the stairs in the house to the great room is quite a workout. The steps go down to their dock.


The views were wonderful. Here's a flock of ducks crossing the lake during a quiet time on the lake. Usually the Bass fishermen are constantly going full speed from place to place.


The first day my son Patrick and stepson Josh had a wipe-out on the SeaDo. My son lost his glasses and we had to go to Birmingham to get a replacement pair.


My youngest son, Jonathan ponders the day.


Halfway through my stepson went back to Los Angeles. We decided to take the day before dropping him off at the airport and go to the Georgia Aquarium and Coke-Cola museum.


I thought that the Coke-Cola museum was more fun than the aquarium. Just before this picture was taken the bear rubbed my bald head. From the left, Josh, Patrick, the bear, Jane and Tanny.


After a busy day we drove back to Alabama. Overall it was a nice, relaxing time.


Thank you David and Judy.


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Interesting, there is only one picture of me. That was a fun vacation.

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