JSMin and JavaScript Conditional Comments

In Robert Nyman's post Conditional Compilation in JavaScript he noted that “Unfortunately, JSMin removes conditional compilation comments, but I believe this is due to not having been updated in a while, and not up to speed with modern web development practices”. So I took that on as a project. I took Franck Marcia's javascript implementation of JS Minifier and modified the javascript code to not take out Microsoft javascript conditional comments.

Paste your javascript code in the code field, click the JSMin button and the minified code will appear in the output field. Copy the minified code, paste it in your favorite text editor and save.

JSMin Page and Downloads


Gravatar Image2. Posted at 01/21/2009 8:39:33 by Mark P.

looks like a winner,,, but I can't seem to get the style sheet to work,,, the drop down shows the names from the NAB but the background is IE error indicating the page can not be displayed because it is unavailable. I added the link to css href in the header of the domino web form (href=\"css/dirlookup.css\"), but no luck. I didn't see a css file available to download. I am a bit of a novice on web development as I am primarily Notes developer. What am I missing?

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