What We Can’t Not Know

I have been reading What We Can't Not Know by J. Budziszewski. It's a hard read for me. It is not like most books I read where I start to read and continue read until I get to the end, usually in one day. This book makes me think. One tidbit that I've read today is about our deep conscience which causes us to recognize that we are designed.

The mere recognition of design does three things for our moral knowledge. First, it vindicates deep conscience. If synderesis is designed as a witness to moral truth by a God who knows what He is doing, then its witness to this truth is reliable. Second, it confirms that we have duties not only to neighbor but to God Himself, to whom we owe the very possibility of the experience of anything good. Third, it informs us that just as deep conscience is designed, so the rest of us is designed; we are a canvass for His purposes.

Its comforting to know that I have a purpose


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Definetly heavy thoughts!

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