How I got my name

My mom is an artist and as she tells the story, she was painting a picture of a boat and there was a long shoreman working on the boat who they called Tanny. She liked the name so much that when I came along two years later she named me Tanny. As a child I did not like Tanny and would have much rather prefered to be called something like John or Bob. My mother also did not give me a middle name so I did not have another name to fall back on. I like my name as an adult. When I was in college class at church the pastor of that class said that my name meant treasure beyond price which is cool. :-) So either I'm precious or I have a sunken chest.


Gravatar Image1. Posted at 04/09/2004 14:27:48 by Michael Sampson

Tanny, thanks for sharing your life story with us in these pages. Eric Mack has told me a lot about you ... so it's great to be able to meet "the man himself" in a virtual way. Kindest regards, M.

Gravatar Image3. Posted at 09/04/2005 5:09:14 by Phil Tanny

Hi Tanny, Tanny here too.

Ran across your blog when searching the "tanny" niche on Google. Congrats on your #1 spot!

Best of luck on your remodel project, and congrats on your new life.

I'm an apprentice perl programmer, so we sort of share programming in common, but I haven't invented any code languages yet!

Stop by an say hello sometime, I guess those of us who are treasure beyond price should stick together. :-)

Phil Tanny

Gravatar Image4. Posted at 11/10/2005 8:53:31 by Carolyn

Hi Tanny,

I am glad you have a unique name, it makes you easier to google. I am Richard's ex, and I would like to be friends again. I know it has been decades, and I was a mess last time we talked, but I have grown and changed. I am so happy for your new married life, and I loved seeing your wedding pictures and seeing your kids all grown up. Last time I saw them, none of them were even in pre-school.

I live in Ventura now, and my son Vincent is in the Navy, and my daughter Julia is doing web development part time. My fiance is Alan, whom you also know.

I would love to hear from you.

Your friend always. :)


Gravatar Image5. Posted at 03/04/2009 3:27:01 by Jessica Winslet

Thanks Tanny for Sharing your thoughts with us.I am really feeling glad that I am visiting this website.And feeling sad for Yogi

Gravatar Image6. Posted at 03/20/2009 22:32:55 by wow

very good...

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