What would you do?

Last week two journalists, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig, were forced at gunpoint to convert to Islam. I was thinking about this today and wondered, "if I were in the same situation, what would I do?"

Several years ago I had an experience with an ex co-worker. He said:

Jews are pigs and monkeys and drink the blood of Muslim children. America deserves what it gets because it sticks its nose in everyone's business.

My ex co-worker is a Shiite Muslim from India. He was primarily raised in England and New York City and is an educated young man. I believe both his parents are doctors and he has a college degree. He is well liked. Despite the heinousness of what he said, I said nothing.

If I was in the same situation as Centani and Wiig, would I do as Peter (John 18:15-27) and deny Christ or would I do as Stephan (Acts 7:54-60)?

What would you do?


Gravatar Image1. Posted at 09/05/2006 2:36:00 by Joost

Clearly everybody who is an extremist in religions is completely retarded. Best way's to deal with ppl like this is just to nod, smile and say yes. Just like what you do with crazy people. *yes, you are napoleon.

Gravatar Image2. Posted at 09/28/2006 3:25:45 by muslim

Islam is a truthful religion, therefore i would revert

Gravatar Image3. Posted at 10/29/2006 2:24:36 by Olle Jonsson

The gunpoint situation: um, a true giving-up of my beliefs, wouldn't that be sort of... hard to do with a gun being pointed at me? I guess I'd choose life with Islam - it sure beats an "atheist death". Problem: But I wouldn't be telling them the truth when I said I would convert. (Just like ole' Peter.) That'd be a lose-lose situation, for the gun guys and for me. So, I'm with Joost there.

(Short thought: Asking for converts-by-the-sword is less about religion than about politics, I guess. So the loss is religious, and the win is political. Shucks, I am rambling.)

In the case of co-workers saying offensive and/or crazy stuff, a little disharmony can be a potent pedagogical tool. "What makes you say that? Why do you use those words?" Simple questions, often with embarrassing outcomes. For a while. Remember: The other person started the stink, you just pointed it out.

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